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Sleep apnea can damage the kidneys

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People with sleep apnea may be at increased risk for chronic kidney disease, according to a study has shown by researchers at the Hospital of the city of Taipei Heping Fuyou Taiwan branch, which have been analyzed 8,600 patients with apnea dream.

Specifically, scientists, whose work has been published in ‘Respirology’, found that sleep apnea increased by 58 percent the chance of developing chronic kidney disease and by 17 percent the risk of hypertension. And, the low oxygen levels and fragmented during sleep, ie apnea can increase blood pressure, which, in turn, causes damage to the kidneys and makes these patients more susceptible to chronic kidney disease.

Results “limited”

However, the authors acknowledged that the study results are “limited” because it has not analyzed whether sleep apnea worsens chronic kidney disease. They have also indicated that they have not analyzed the incidence of obesity and smoking, that damage in a “significant” kidney factors. “Therefore, we could ensure that the study suggests there may be an association between apnea and chronic kidney disease, but not the apneas have the same impact that high blood pressure in the kidneys” have apostille experts.


Finally, scientists have warned that if his hypothesis is finally confirmed by other studies should include sleep apnea in the list of modifiable risk factors for chronic kidney disease.

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